AS-GREEN SLOPE represents a systematic solution for stabilisation of various types of slopes using the vegetation bags.

The vegetation bags are sewn of especially breathable fabric, which enables that are easily penetrable by plant roots but, at the same time, not structurally impaired. In this way, greenery not only keeps its aesthetic purpose, but it also functions as an element improving the local microclimate. In systematic terms, the product is also used in solutions for water stream revitalisations. The bag breathable properties support the interactions between the riverbed and its neighbourhood – contributing to the groundwater replenishment. If larger slope structures are to be reinforced, the product utilisation minimises the necessity of draining system installations and – at the same time – water is brought to planted vegetation roots.

In order to bridge differences in heights or to achieve slope stabilization, concrete blocks and/or bricked structures are currently used; however, they are not always ideal due to their high volume weight, minimum water permeability or noise propagation. AS-GREEN SLOPE vegetation bags represent a unique alternative to these conventional solutions.

Advantages of AS-GREEN SLOPE vegetation bags

  • Wide flexibility in solutions – there are possibilities in slope shape and gradient modifications as well as in vegetation types (from short grass to shrubbery)  
  • Water permeability
  • Easy transport of empty bags on pallets
  • Possibility of manual installations
  • Recommended maximum slope pitch: 700
  • Minimal carbon footprint

Utilisation of AS-GREEN SLOPE vegetation bags

The system is suitable for both do-it-yourself domestic projects like garden modifications as well as large-scale commercial applications such as slope stabilisations, water stream revitalisation, and creation of foundation slabs or participation in environmental developments.

Vegetation walls offer a huge number of potential architectural solutions. Due to their flexible structure and design in two sizes, even complex slope shapes pose no problems. Depending on a slope size and gradient, the slope stability can be provided by geo-textiles anchored to the existing slope surface.

Vegetační pytle AS-GREEN SLOPE

Technical data

The system of AS-GREEN SLOPE consists of:

  • Vegetation bags
  • Fixing anchors/brackets (two pieces per bag)
  • Draw bands for closing the bags
  • Bag content – various solution depending on the type of application, acquired particularly locally
  • Vegetation components – i.e. grass seed, live-forever plants, etc. either selected initially or applied additionally

Two sizes of bags

  • Domestic applications
    • Filled bags size: 550 x 350 x 150 mm, 35 ÷ 60 kg (according to the filling mass)
    • Filled bag volume: 0.029 m3 = approx. 29 litres
    • Empty bag: 750 x 350 mm, 125 g
    • 14 pcs per m2
    • Average construction progress for 4 workers – 45 m2 per day
  • Commercial applications
    • Filled bags size: 750 x 350 x 180 mm, 40 ÷ 90 kg (according to the filling mass)
    • Filled bag volume: 0.047 m3 = approx. 47 litres
    • Empty bag: 1050 x 350 mm, 150 g
    • 7 pcs per m2

Lifetime & maintenance

AS-GREEN SLOPE vegetation bags, as well as other components are stabilised against UV radiation and the solution guaranteed lifetime is at least 50 years. Under standard conditions, the maintenance of the vegetation walls consists of grass or vegetation cutting. In doing this, it will be necessary to proceed with care and not to damage the bags mechanically, particularly by hedge cutters. In case of complete rupture of a bag, its removal and replacement with a new one will be possible.

Carbon footprint

Many projects and construction solutions are increasingly focused to the parameters concocted with climate changes and carbon footprint reduction. Depending on chosen vegetation types, the properties of the AS-GREEN SLOPE system makes possible to achieve carbon footprint negative values, namely due to:

  • Minimum manufacture demand
  • Low transport weight
  • CO2 gas collection by planted vegetation
  • Partial rainwater retention and consequent heat absorption from the neighbourhood

Technical support

According to the developer’s requirements we will prepare:

  • Bag types and number necessary for the relevant vegetation wall
  • Orientation layout scheme for bags
  • Geotextile specification and quantity
  • Recommendation of designers and garden architects for the best result


Geotextile for its placement among several layers of AS-GREEN SLOPE bags and improved stabilisation in larger/steeper slopes. The material is supplied in lengths and strength as needed.

AS-GREEN SLOPE bags … demonstration of their filling