Cyanobacteria removal techniques

Helping to solve the problem of the excessive occurrence of cyanobacteria and algae in water bodies:

In recent years, the quantity and concentration of phosphorus in water bodies has been increasing. This results in the mass development of cyanobacteria and algal bloom in lakes and water bodies. The excessive multiplication of cyanobacteria, which are highly toxic organisms, impairs the biological and hygienic quality or water.

Our company is involved in solving these problems. An important factor is always the comprehensiveness of any solution. The first steps include analyses, then we suggest a solution, and in the last stage we implement particular measures to suppress the mass development of cyanobacteria.

Photo: Application Vessel

Application Vessel

For this technology, the physical-chemical principle of cyanobacteria multiplication suppression is used, namely the dosing of coagulant into surface water. The vessel can be used for the controlled and exact dosing of any liquid substance into reservoirs, with detailed reporting as to the application.

Photo: Vessel for the Separation of Biomass Particles

Vessel for the Separation of Biomass Particles

This technology is based on the collection of biomass from the water surface and the separation of biomass particles on a mechanical filter; biomass contains a large quantity of nutrients that would otherwise settle in the form of organic compounds in the bottom sediment.

Photo: Aeration Towers

Aeration Towers

The first aeration towers have been installed in the Brno Dam for two years already. There are two types of aeration towers: pump towers and aerator towers.


Honour Award - Precipitation of phosphates at the inlet stream Into Brno reservior leading to the elimination of cyanobacterial proliferation