Do not buy a dehydrator in a poke!

Spiral dehydrators enable to dewater not only sludge from biological treatment processes but also flotation, chemical and other types of sludge. It stands to reason that not only for these less usual applications – it is desirable to verify the dewatering technology functions under real conditions in the field. ASIO, spol. s r.o. offers its mobile set for sludge dewatering with the use of the spiral dehydrator. The whole assembly is mounted on a trailer and for its operations only power and industrial water supply is needed.

mobilní dehydrátor

On the trailer, the spiral dehydrator, flocculation unit for the flocculant solution, dosing pump and the distributor with the control system are mounted. Sludge is transported to the unit by a submerged sludge pump. The trailer is equipped with flexible hoses fitted with quick-couplers used for quick connections to the sludge intake and draining of the fugate directly on the spot. Putting the unit into service is a matter of several tens of minutes.

After an agreement made in advance, it will be possible to carry out the flocculation tests, during which suitable flocculants can be identified. Also, various options of the process arrangement for the dewatering unit can be verified in the testing. For instance, not only the sludge withdrawal from a sludge tank but also directly from a secondary settling tank or an activation section is possible. If you are interested in the demonstration of the dehydrator directly at your place, please do not hesitate to contact ASIO.

Ing. Ondřej Unčovský