Rainwater harvesting technology in the industry

General Principles of Water Treatment

The goal of the research project called Rainwater harvesting technology in the industry is to discover new opportunities for rainwater harvesting in the industry. Furthermore, we expect to design the theoretical technology solution based on the required water quality. The alias name of the project is RAINOK.

Rainwater harvesting technology in the industry

The idea of the research project is the utilization of new possible water sources in the industry. Industrial wastewater streams usually deal with concentrated streams that are difficult to manage by water treatment technologies, e.g. total dissolved salts (TDS) concentrations. Rainwater has a very low content of TDS contrary to wastewater. On the other hand, rainwater is also polluted during the contact with the atmosphere and subsequently by contact with the surfaces, which implies to apply necessary treatment steps before usage. It led us to the idea to consider combination both rainwater and recycled wastewater, in order that we enhance recycled wastewater quality.

We expect to start at CT parks. Those parks consist of many large buildings with easy access to collect sufficient amount of the rainwater for accumulation or further usage. Project aims to thorough market search to choose proper industrial segment for feasible and economically viable rainwater harvesting.

The member of the research team is the Faculty of chemistry BUT. They deal with treating of the rainwater as part of their university research and their knowledge will be used for the design of the technology.

The innovative potential is to adapt the intelligent control system on the expected rainfall management. That is able to predict and optimize water management in the company with prerogative utilization of harvested rainfalls. System should react on dry periods to supplement missing water via treated recycled wastewater or potable water.

There are some risks of implementing rainwater harvesting related to the Local legislation in the Czech Republic. Thus, purpose of proper management of harvested rainwater will be consulted with The National Institute of Public Health.

The research project Rainwater harvesting technology in the industry n. CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/20_360/0023696 is solved under the financial support from grant program of MIT Proof of concept. The duration of the project are two years from 1.1.2021 to 31.12.2022.

Ing. Lenka Hoferková