The project "Intensification of Biological Nutrient Removal from Wastewater Using Aerobic Granular Biomass" No. TQ03000357 with the acronym GRANBIOFISH is solved with the financial support of The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Programme to Support Applied Research and Innovation SIGMA grant programme.

 Granbio 2

The project builds upon the successfully completed project titled "Granular Biomass Application in Wastewater Treatment" No. TP04020045, solved from July 2022 to December 2022. The goal of the follow-up project is to demonstrate the efficiency and limits of aerobic granular sludge technology, recognized as the future of biological wastewater treatment. The capabilities of this technology will be assessed through a series of stress tests investigating hydraulic and organic loading limitations. Additionally, the length of the overall reaction cycle and its sub-cycles, as well as the biological phosphorus removal process will be optimized. Detailed monitoring of selected water-quality parameters and technological parameters will be carried out, using modern techniques such as fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) and gene probes. The collected data will subsequently be used to develop a mathematical model for the technology's design and operation in a full-scale.

The main outputs from the project include:

  1. Utility Model of Aerobic Granular Biomass Control System – The utility model will protect the control system for managing reaction cycles using ammonia and nitrate probes, along with stratification of redox potential within the reactor.
  2. Functional Sample of the Pump for Mixing Granular Biomass in the Reactor – The pump will help to maintain granular biomass in suspension, ensuring uniform distribution within the reactor without disrupting the granular structure.

These project outcomes will serve as foundational elements for the design of new wastewater treatment plants and the intensification of the existing ones. The introduction of aerobic granular sludge technology is expected to elevate the company's competitiveness and strengthen its market position.

The project is solved by the company ASIO TECH, spol. s r.o. in collaboration with UCT Prague during the period from 1/2024 to 12/2025.

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