Overflow Chambers

Overflow chambers are structures installed in sewer systems used separation of stormwater or, as applicable, wastewater in unified sewer systems.  Both by their hydro-engineering design as well as builder’s works in connection, overflow chambers belong to the most complicated structures in sewer systems. Therefore, you will find in our offer pre-fab type range of overflow chambers, which may bring partial solutions to these problems.

Photo: AS-ŠOK


Overflow slot chambers are especially advantageous for low-gradient terrain configurations that frequently face the problem of backwater in the incoming sewer, with the overflow sewer leading to a recipient. In general, the slot chambers guarantee minimal exceeding of the outflow Qt towards the wastewater treatment plant, so long as the total inflow Qc at the chamber does not exceed 10 to 12 times the limit flow value Ql.



Overflow chambers are especially useful in cases when pipeline retention in the incoming sewer can be used to advantage. The AS-BALOK type is based on the principle of the separation of diluted wastewater over an overflow edge. Every type of these chambers is equipped with an integrated slide valve at the outflow to the throttle line, with an adjustable overflow edge. Both these control elements are made of stainless steel 17 240. The minimum limit outflow Ql from the chamber is limited by the control range (DN 150 limits the flow to approx. 15–20 l/s).