Stainless Steel Products

Photo: AS-NERO


The AS-NERO inset cover is designed to disguise floor openings in the most diverse range of buildings used for commercial, residential, and industrial purposes. Its structure allows architects, designers, construction companies, and operators to fulfil varied requirements for functionality. The basic part consists of a frame and tray designed to be filled with concrete in the place of installation. The frame and the cover are made of stainless steel. The cover is secured with a screw against opening.

Photo: AS-ROJ


The AS-ROJ lifting equipment is designed as a rotary and portable device for the manual lifting and lowering of loads in wastewater treatment plants or in other waterworks or industrial facilities.

Photo: Stainless Steel Products in general

Stainless Steel Products in general

To enhance the quality and utility of treatment plants and water management equipment that are made of plastic, we use stainless steel parts in places subject to high loads.