AS-ANAZON is a wastewater treatment plant consisting of two sections – the AS-ANASEP anaerobic separator and the AS-ZEON vertical biofilter…

AS-ANAZON is a wastewater treatment plant consisting of two sections – the AS-ANASEP anaerobic separator and the AS-ZEON vertical biofilter.

The AS-ANAZON wastewater treatment plant can be advantageously used in places without a permanent supply of wastewater, such as cottages, summerhouses, or recreation facilities in general.

In addition, AS-ANAZON can be used everywhere with suitable gradient conditions, where the wastewater treatment process is to be implemented without any demand for energy.

In addition, AS-ANAZON can be used where suitable facilities for the NASS use are in place – i.e. for after cleaning of gray water streams.
The major advantage of this plant consists in its large volume and therefore several year intervals between waste removals and exceptionally high quality pretreatment, which makes possible to place the biofilter downstream the separator. If the second treatment step is employed, i.e. the AS-ZEON vertical biofilter, a complete wastewater treatment plant will be thus created. Such facility can be then characterised as follows:

  • unmanned operations: nothing is adjusted, the sludge is removed in several year cycles,
  • troublefree operations: if the principle of wastewater discharging are followed, no filter contamination and fluctuations of drain parameters will occur (due to the extensive design, large areas and low surface load), which applies even to intermittently occupied buildings, and
  • energetically undemanding: if a sufficient terrain gradient is available, no power will be necessary; if no gradient is available, then the necessary pumping can be provided with the AS-SUNO solar pump .

WWTP consisting of two sections – anaerobic separator and vertical biofilter

Equipment description

AS-ANASEP anaerobic separator

It is a polypropylene self-supporting, cylindrical five chamber septic tank with the function of an anaerobic partition reactor with a mechanical filter on its discharge; the tank is used as the first treatment stage. In the separator anaerobic environment, coarse impurities as well as fine sludge settle down and they consequently undergo advanced decay.

The equipment is to be placed on a concrete slab at an excavation pit bottom and consequently poured around with backfill. The separator tank is fitted with a circular top manway of 900 mm in diameter and 485 mm height. The manway is fitted with a plastic walkable cover (loadbearing capacity: 200 kg).

The tank external dimensions: diameter 1,900 mm, height: 2025 mm + 485 mm top manway.
Inlet and outlet piping: DN 150.
Weight: 290 kg
Usable volume: 4.79 m

anaerobic separator AS-ANASEP

AS-ZEON vertical biofilter

In terms of technology, this is a batchwise operated vertical biofilter placed in a polypropylene tub of external diameters (L×B×H) of 4,300 × 1,800 × 1,300 mm with distribution pipework, a tipping trough (use as a dosing device) and an integrated inspection shaft (1,000 mm dia). This shaft functions as an inlet, service, and outlet shaft, which usually results in savings of capital expenditures in the construction budget (costs of one separate shaft). The integrated shaft is located in the centre of the filter tub and its overall height from the foundation base slab is 2,150 mm.

The filter is filled with gravel and crushed zeolite material. This mixture is verified experimentally and after its placement, it provides, due to its sorption properties, for an immediate function of the biofilter. In addition, it creates optimum conditions for the growth of nitrification supporting biomass. The filter size is designed individually with regard to the required outlet parameters.

The filter is standardly supplied without gravel fillings.

vertical biofilter AS-ZEON